Sydney Morr was born in St. Louis, Missouri in February 2000. At Bradley University she is a Senior BFA Graphic Design major with a Social Media Marketing minor. She is finishing out her degree and will be graduating May 14th, 2022 and then plans to move back to St. Louis. While at Bradley she has earned the Fine Art’s Talent Scholarship, the John Barrett Award, and Dean’s List every semester. She has gained experience through internships at 42
Growth Strategies, Camp Gladiator, and more. Currently she is interning at Bradley University’s Alumni  Relations and Smith Career Center. She hopes to continue growing as an artist as she moves into the professional working field.

Artist Statement

With a background in the fine arts, graphic design has become a new form of expression to me. I’ve been drawing since childhood but as I was exposed to more experiences in high school and college I also found myself using painting, printmaking, and digital design in my work. I love to combine opposing art mediums to further explore the possibilities of my art.

My desire to further explore the combination of graphic design with other mediums
has inspired my BFA project. I knew I wanted the personalization and hands-on approach that printmaking allows to design my own tarot cards and express my artistic voice. This deck includes reductive linoleum prints of 22 cards that were then taken to be digitally altered and manipulated further. To finish the entire collection, I created a custom box to hold the deck  along with all of my process material. These are all displayed in promotional
images to show how I can further expand my own deck and brand in my future as a graphic designer.

My work is often inspired by mundane scenes that people see everyday and often experience. I also like to work through the themes of nature regrowing in any circumstance to show how powerful the earth can be even with how much it is harmed or affected. I think the wonderful thing about making art is being able to bring out the meaning and beauty in what we see all the  time in order to gain a new perspective. I like to play with the balance of chaos, so along with the other themes, the Untamed Collection was created. In my process, I wanted to explore these themes that touch me personally as it is important in tarot to feel a connection. I’ve been looking deeper within myself at why I make art, what is important to me, and where do I want to go? Through the experience of developing my
tarot deck, I have been growing closer to myself as a graphic designer and learning how to express my untamed thoughts into my artwork.