Hallie Fedorowicz grew up in Algonquin Illinois for the first part of her childhood before moving to Island Lake Illinois. Hallie grew up in the suburbs but was constantly surrounded by nature. Growing up, Hallie learned how to express herself through various forms of art. She has explored music and dance through choir, band, and theatre. She is constantly building with her hands. Through growing up with a close relationship with nature, she was constantly building forts or creating “potions” with materials she found lying around. This hands-on creativity has led to her love for ceramics. Hallie is a BFA major with a concentration in graphic design and has a minor in marketing minor. While studying at Bradley University, Hallie has had two graphic design internships. Her first internship was with BU Body Project and her current one is with the Bradley Univeristy Smith Career Center. In both of these positions, Hallie created posters, ads, postcards, and maps that advertised events for both groups. Hallie’s goal is to bridge her love of ceramics with graphic design and create 3D designs that are loud and speak to others.

Artist Statement

I find inspiration from my life. I deal with anxiety and I find peace through art. When I feel overwhelmed, I draw or create to try to move these unwanted feelings into a physical form. Art is important because it gives us a creative outlet to express and transform our emotions. I am very angry about the topic of the lack of women’s rights and I felt that my anger was better channeled into this work of art. I feel like as a society we have been avoiding women’s rights and silencing women because it is an uncomfortable subject. So much of what women go through has been forgotten or stereotyped as normal and it makes me mad, hence why I felt the need to shed light on this problem. This is my dream project. At least for now. I have been thinking about a project like this for a long time. I want all my projects to make people uncomfortable by shedding light on these problems that we ignore. Each of my posters describes a law that has resulted in women hurting or dying. The first poster displays the Salem Witch Trials and how they targeted strong women who had a voice during a time when women were still suppressed. Any woman who stood up for herself or others where killed. The second poster is about divorce. There have been a lot of people romanticizing “old love.” People talk about current hook-up culture and how back in the 50s when men were going off to war, people back then really “knew love” and married for love. However, women married for survival back then. In my project, I display how without marriage, women could not get certain necessities like credit cards or birth control. My third poster is about marital rape. I really focus on how it was not outlawed till the 90s since that was not too long ago. My fourth poster is about abortion. In the past few years, women have lost the ability to control their bodies and choose for themselves when Roe v Wade was overturned and not replaced with any law. The poster depicts the protest that happened due to the law being overturned and the story of women who have been hurt by the absence of the law. My last poster is a police bulletin board. It is about abuse and assault statistics. So many women are assaulted a year and it displays how common it is for women to be assaulted. I have it mocking a police board to show the severity of these crimes against women and how they do not get any light shed on them.


The second part of my project involves ceramics. I have always loved ceramics and wanted to combined my graphics and ceramics. Each poster has a ceramic urn that correlates with them and the time period of the given laws. The witch trials urn has a noose to represent how the women were killed and then a witch hat as the lid. The divorce urn has rings on and going through it to represent marriage. The martial rape one is a bodice to represent the violence of the crime. The abortion urn has a baby urn attached to it to represent the fetus. The last poster represents all women. I made three different-sized urns that hold tea lights and candles to represent the dead and survivors. The urns overall pay respect to the dead women who have suffered due to these crimes. It is dark but these laws have hurt so many women. As a society, we are still discussing who is controlled and how and we are not factoring in women’s voices about their own bodies. It is disgusting. My project is meant to disgust the audience as much as this sexist society disgusts me.