Rebekah Emmert was born in Springfield, Illinois and currently resides in Peoria, Illinois. After graduating in 2020 from Dunlap High School, she turned her sights to pursue her creative passions. Emmert is currently working to finish off her Bachelor of Fine Arts with concentrations in Graphic Design and Sculpture at Bradley University. She was awarded Outstanding Artist at Dunlap High School and is the recipient of the Kottemann Endowed Scholarship, awarded to students who show an appreciation for sculpture at Bradley University. Her sculptural work was included in the Galleries on Sheridan, showcasing the talents of Bradley students. Her life has taken her all over Illinois with one continuous outlet: a passion for creating. Overtime, she has accumulated talents in various creative fields, leaving her with many hobbies to choose from: drawing, painting, sculpture, fiber arts, dance, figure skating, music, dance, even theater. Her flexibility as an artist has opened her eyes to new ways that art can be explored and portrayed. She hopes her passion for creating will provide others with inspiration to pursue their own creative endeavors.

Artist Statement

Art is anything creative, right? If I were to say “I’m an artist”, what comes to your mind? Is it drawing? Painting? Sculpting? Perhaps dancing or even poetry? Or if I said “I’m a designer” what would you think of? Graphic design? Game design? Interior design? Truth be told, there are various areas that exist within the broad field of art, yet all individuals perceive it differently. A menu may look like a menu but to a graphic designer, a menu has visual hierarchy, deliberate font choice, and accompanying images. A statue is just a statue but to a sculptor, there are minute details, consideration of textures and materials, complex forms, and careful thought of construction. A film is just a film until you look at the costumes, the sound design, the cinematography, the music score, all the things that creatives face in perfecting their art. Although art is not strictly limited to tactical visual creations as it can be found in literature, poetry, music, and even dance. Art is everywhere.
I am simply a creator with skills covering different fields in design and fine art. Through art, I can create anything: an expression of an individual, an experience of a story to be shared, or an escape from reality. I say this and yet art in itself is undefined; it has become a word with broad applications, a genre with different subgenres. If that is the case, then anyone can be an artist, anyone can create. Through my project, “You can CREATE Anything”, I want to share with others the various ways that art can be created including Poetry, Film, Dance, Music, Design, even a common art like Painting. Each passion is portrayed in figure form to portray the art with materials associated with that craft. I wanted to create slightly abstract characters to further demonstrate my skills as a mixed-media artist while creating visual stories. Through this collection, I hope individuals can find inspiration for creating from the works that spawn from my own personal perception of art.