Jordan Tomlianovich is an aspiring graphic designer and artist born, raised, and based in Peoria, IL. After earning their Associates at Illinois Central College in 2021, Jordan will be graduating Bradley University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts this coming May of 2023. Jordan has been sketching and pursuing art their whole life while under an endlessly loving support system of family both here and departed, close friends held for years across different schools and online spaces, and exceptional professors and peers. Despite having a shorter than average experience at Bradley, Jordan left their own mark here by designing the logo for the University’s 125th anniversary as an intern on campus. After graduating, Jordan’s sights are set on joining a creative agency to offer their voice in the professional field, while continuing to develop their own passion projects.

Artist Statement

Emerging into the designer I am today has been several years’ worth of chasing answers and rethinking my place in the world. Years where I’ve gone back and forth in emotional stability, and questioned if I could even call myself an artist. Years of both great and terrible alike that went into my work one way or another, whether it spoke to a love of adventure and appreciation for the world around me, or to the more somber times I needed to put myself out in vulnerable expression.
The tools of my trade have been mostly digital now for a long time, but my experience in fine art, especially drawing, has been pivotal to all of my compositional knowledge. A great number of my digital projects include some form of fine art that is either photographed or translated into the final piece. In my series of “Ruminations”, I wanted to meet fine art and graphic art in the middle; blending inspirations from my design idols like Aries Moross and love for abstract expressionist works in the likes of Mark Rothko, I use text and color to express thoughts either chaotic and complex, or simple and somber, that ran through my head in the last six years since I first decided I would pursue graphic art.
The constant ebb and flow around me and my approach to art highlights the awareness I’ll always have, that my journey goes as long as my life does. Jordan is Hebrew for “to flow down”, referring to a river; always on the move, always shaped by the environments I pass through and, in kind, shaping them in some small way back.